Tikwere Section


 It emphasises active learning and meaningful interaction between the radio, the teacher and the learners (teacher, radio and children).

MCDE uses IRI to promote interaction among learners, radio teachers and the classroom teachers to facilitate an active learning environment.
MCDE produces and broadcasts Tikwere programmes for Standards 1 to 4 in these four subjects, Chichewa, Mathematics, English and Life Skills. There are 150 programmes (50 for each term) per class broadcast in one academic year. in Term one, the first programmes welcome learners to school and learners get to know their teacher and their classmates. The last programmes in a Term allow learners to revise the content they covered in readiness for end of Term examinations.
(Include a live stream of a 3min audio segment of STD 1 to 4 programme as a model lesson)
To ensure sustainability of Tikwere, MCDE:

Train new primary school teachers, headteachers and re-train old teachers on how to handle Tikwere lessons in the classrooms
Train District Education Managers (DEMs) on IRI methodologies
Monitor the lessons, advising teachers as well as providing support to these teachers
(Include a picture of a new radio with the following specifications: USB/ memory card, battery/ solar/ electricity power)
Events/ Meetings

Include the following:

  • Monitoring
  • Broadcasting schedule
  • Radio guide
  • List of radio repairers