Learner Support Section

Learner support section at MCDE has three (3) regional offices (link map and structure of regional offices). It offers support to learners and Open Secondary Schools (OSSs) in the country through:

  • Guidance and counseling
  • School registration – link registration form (under downloads)
  • Learner registration
  • Orientation of teachers supervisors and head teachers
  • Distribution of modules (learning materials)
  • Availability of teacher supervisors for face to face tutoring
  • Library services – link picture of students in library
  • Monitoring of OSSs (learner support write up)

Module Sale

MCDE produce modules which are sold to leaners and those that are studying on their own. The modules are sold at regional offices in the three regions. Each module is sold at MK500.

To get Link modules available at stock

To get Link Picture of sales office