Human Resource Section

Resiponsibilities In Line With Mcde Goals

  • Ensuring that cases of absenteeism are under control
  • Ensuring that time is well managed so that employees report and knock off from duties as per set time.
  • Appraising employee’s performance to appreciate how an individual employee is performing and identify skill gaps.
  • Planning training activities for employees so that skill gaps are bridge up for quality service delivery.
  • Ensuring that client care is being offered to our clients
  • Disciplining employees
  • Conducting staff meetings
  • Ensuring critical vacancies are filled by lobbying with Ministry
  • Looking into employees’ welfare as away of motivating them so that they perform positively
  • Managing change in the institution as change is inevitable
  • Lobbying with Ministry so that long serving employees are promoted
  • Ensuring that office buildings and surroundings are well cleaned
  • Provision of transport for delivery of modules and meetings for members of staff
  • Ensuring that employees are remunerated in time with the correct salaries
  • Updating office inventory
  • Compiling and Updating Human Resource Information Management System (HRMIS)
  • Receiving clients’ complaints
  • Receiving employees’ grievances.