SADC Capacity Building Project

Aim of the Project

To contribute to regional integration through the development of effective and harmonised Open and Distance Learning in order to improve access and quality of education and training in the SADC Region.


Specific Objectives

  • To strengthen understanding and commitment to ODL at multiple levels- systematic, organisational and individual levels.
  • To increase strategic deployment of distance learning within and across the SADC region.
  • To strengthen the design and implementation of ODL programmes.

Timeline for the SADC Capacity Building Project

    1. Project approved in December 2006 and Grant agreement signed in April 2007
    2. Project launched in June 2007
    3. Project implementation commenced in April 2008
    4. Project was to be implemented over a period of five-year period, running through December 2012
    5. December 2011 MTR recommended ‘no cost’ extension
    6. July 31st 2014 new Project completion date following granting of ‘no cost’ extension