Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is an intergovernmental organisation of the Commonwealth of Nations mandated  to promote and develop the use of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources and technologies throughout the Commonwealth's 54 member states.

1n 2014, COL sponsored MCDE to develop Woodwork course materials for Junior Secondary level. MCDE successfully completed the development of the course content in 2015 (provide link to uploaded module or downloadable version).

COL has engaged a consultant from United Kingdom to support MCDE develop an online platform where learning resources will be uploaded and accessed by learners all over Malawi. The consultant has developed an online platform called ‘Notesmaster’ which will be used during trainings and thereafter educators will also use it to share learning resources.

Notesmaster has an award winning approach to supporting Ministries of Education, Schools and Communities in creating their own, local learning materials. It is a custom-built learning environment that places emphasis on the principles of collaborative learning, open access to knowledge and education across borders.

Notesmaster uses digital syllabuses to guide educators and learners through their subjects. These syllabuses are preloaded onto the platform to create a framework that can be used to organise class notes, assignments and favourite web resources.

Learner benefits

Learners are able to stay organised, connected with their peers and create exciting learning materials in their tailored 'Workspace'. Quick access to class notes, authored or adapted by local teachers to fit the local curriculum, simplifies the learning process.

Educator benefits

Notesmaster platform places great emphasis on the relationship between the educator and the learner. Exciting tools enhance this journey; private class groups complete with subject syllabuses, notes editing tools, gradebooks, assignments creator and a quiz creator, are some of the highlights.